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Creative Ways to get the Kids involved for this Year's Spring Clean

It’s that time of year again to start thinking about a major spring clean. With the festive season fast approaching a spring clean is a great way to refresh your home and create a revived space for the summer holidays. Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying the importance of decluttering, reorganising and deep cleaning to keep your home in good nick for the busy period ahead. Even as adults, the daunting task of spring cleaning is overwhelming, so imagine how hard it is to get kids on board. Since this yearly activity requires all hands on deck, here are some ways to this year’s spring clean fun for the kids. Time to get cleaning!

Tips when cleaning with kids (New Folks, 2021)

Regardless of the chore, you will always get more cooperation from kids and teens if you make the task more exciting. Keep these points in mind when preparing for your spring clean:

  • Play music and be sure to include tunes the kids like, too.

  • Have a reward like your kids’ favorite takeaway or a family movie in place when the spring cleaning activity is completed or even schedule in a special family outing as a reward.

  • Always make sure the chores are age-appropriate for each child.

  • If children are using cleaning solutions, make sure they’re kid-friendly, like a vinegar and water solution.

Ways to make spring cleaning fun for kids:

Spring Cleaning Treasure Hunt

Plan out your spring cleaning activity to the max by purchasing small age -

appropriate treasures for each family member. Assign chores accordingly for each child and hide the treasure in the location of the task. As the kids are completing their designated chore, they will stumble across their hidden treasure. This is a great way to keep the cleaning engaging. Treasures could include left over halloween treats, toys or even a low cost gift card for the older children!

Fridge and Pantry Detectives

Play expiration-date detective. Let your older ones search for out of date items in the fridge and pantry. Firstly show them how to read expiration dates and have them make a pile of the expired items. Make this chore even more educational by teaching them how to sort through and learn what items can be recycled, composted, or straight in the bin.

Sock Matching Competition

Have a sock-matching race with the kids by gathering all the family’s clean socks onto a bed in a big pile and then race to see who can match the most pairs the fastest. Show the kids how to roll the socks up into neat balls and watch them go! Any socks left over without mates you can either keep in a bin to use for arts and crafts projects or even as rag for some future spring cleaning!

Set a timer

Beat the clock by dividing up the list of spring cleaning chores evenly between family members, ensuring age-appropriate tasks. Set a timer with a realistic amount of time to complete the chores. When the timer goes off, the child who has completed the most if not all the tasks is declared the winner and received a small gift!

Be sure to give these engaging activities a try during your next big clean!

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