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Every job placed at Nannies and Helpers is unique. Once your nanny job request has been received, it will be posted on our website and we contact all of our registered Nannies as well as post the job on job advertising websites (on approval). We forward resumes, candidate evaluation and with selected nannies that we consider a good fit for the position. The client then selects the Nannies that they would like to interview. This process can take anywhere between a week or a few weeks depending on the level and the nature of the role. Before and After School care roles are by nature a little harder to fill so can take a few weeks.

Around $30 to $45+ per hour plus benefits. This depends on skills and experience. The suggested hourly rate is reflected by current market rates and final offer negotiated between client and candidate.

Around $30 to $35 per hour, with rates set by the Babysitters. This will be paid directly to the Babysitter at the end of their shift. The rate would be paid at double time for public holidays.

You employ the Nanny directly, and are responsible for tax and superannuation obligations. Depending on the nature of your employment contract you may need to register with the ATO to allow for income tax deductions. For further information visit If you are unclear how payroll works, consider using an external service to help you pay your nanny's salary. There are many available in the market. Here are a few you may wish to consider Domestic Payroll, Easypayroll or JustFamilyPayroll. Nannies hired as independent contractors will be responsible for maintaining their own tax affairs. The exception is if the Nanny is operating as self-employed, and contracts directly to you. The Nanny would then be responsible for their own tax obligations.

Nannies and Helpers strongly recommend that you take out separate insurance to cover your domestic staff. As a domestic employer you need to take out a separate insurance policy to cover Domestic Employees who earn more than $7,500 per annum. If you neglect to take out Domestic Workers Compensation, you will be leaving yourself exposed to Medical Expenses etc. and penalties and fines imposed by Work Cover. Domestic Staff earning less than $7,500 per annum will be deemed to be covered by the Work Cover. In the event of a claim, then you will be required to pay an administration fee for the claim. Please contact your insurance company for more information.

All introductions whether verbal or written are confidential between the Client and the Agency. The Agency will conduct screening and reference checks to confirm Candidate qualifications and employment experience. Details of screening and reference checking are confidential between the referee, candidate and the Agency. Clients are encouraged to complete their own reference checks to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the Candidate. Contact details for referees should be obtained directly from the Candidate.

At Nannies and Helpers we always try and ensure that we can meet the families’ wishes, but in some circumstances, due to availability this is not always guaranteed. Advance bookings with notice will allow greater opportunity for your desired Nanny. We do recommend that each family has a number of regular Nannies for greater consistency with the children.

Australia Wide.

CASUAL & TEMPORARY BOOKINGS Should the candidate arrive to commence a shift and the Agency has not been notified of its cancellation, the Client must pay the candidate directly at the rate of 4 hours (minimum booking) for temporary nannies, mother-craft nurses, cleaners, housekeepers and party helpers, and the full agency fee will be payable. When a temporary booking has been confirmed to the client by the Agency the clients’ nominated credit card will be debited immediately. If the booking is subsequently cancelled by the client, the agency fee is payable and no refund is offered. PUBLIC HOLIDAY & WEEKEND BOOKINGS 24 hours’ notice to the Agency prior to close of business on the previous business day is required should a weekend or public holiday booking need to be cancelled otherwise the full agency fee is payable.

After we place a candidate we follow up with both the client and candidate during a trial period to ensure the relationship is working. Nannies and Helpers maintain regular contact with you to ensure your requirements continue to be met. We ask you for regular feedback to ensure we maintain our high standards.

We ask you to not make any direct bookings, please contact Nannies and Helpers for any future bookings. Candidate introductions are strictly confidential. If a client passes on the name of a candidate to a relative, friend or acquaintance which results in the candidate gaining work with a third party then the client is liable for the agency fee. No trial periods applicable. If an offer of employment is made by a client to a candidate (whether as a temporary, casual, part-time or full-time candidate referral) as a result of an introduction by Nannies & Helpers Pty Ltd within 12 months from the last introduction then the agency fee applies. If a candidate introduced by Nannies and Helpers to a Client approaches, applies for, or offers themselves for employment with the Client within a period of 12 months from the original introduction then an agency fee applies.

The primary role of a nanny is to care for your children. Nannies perform "nursery duties" which usually involve looking after children and their belongings. Usually this includes children’s laundry & cooking, keeping bedrooms, play areas and the kitchen clean and tidy. Ensure you are specific about the nanny's responsibilities. Provide clear information about your family’s routines, including nap and feeding times, weekly activities and so on. Include plenty of information about your parenting philosophy, including information on disciplinary measures, TV time, sleeping methods, nutrition, hygiene and safety. Spelling it out beforehand will minimise the potential for misunderstandings and disagreements down the track. Ensure you are available to discuss any changes with your nanny as they come up.

Yes you can, this is a great way to see if they are a good match and fit for your family. There is a $40 agency fee and the Nanny is paid directly at the end of the trial.

All permanent employees are entitled to 4 weeks annual leave & 10 days personal leave. Part time employees are entitled to pro rata benefit. We suggest that domestic employees take 2 weeks annual leave at their request and 2 weeks at the employer’s request. Superannuation Domestic workers who work more than 30 hours per week are entitled to superannuation at the current specified rate.

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